• Is there State Sales Tax or Shipping Costs on my order?

    Orders shipped within Pennsylvania are subject to 6% Sales Tax. We do not collect sales tax for orders delivered outside PA. The consumer is responsible to pay sales tax on any purchase which is otherwise subject to state or local taxes.  Free Shipping is included on all "Qualified" Replacement Cushion Orders.
  • How do you determine the Discounted price of your OW Lee Replacement Cushions sold on the internet?

    As an authorized OW Lee Dealer we are bound by MRP (Minimum Retail Pricing) Standards for internet sales. Based on this agreement, our price structure reflects the lowest price allowable. Please call or Contact Us if you have any questions. 
  • How quickly will I receive my new OW Lee Replacement Cushions after I place my order?

    *New Cushion Orders will ship in about 6-8 Weeks* (Pending Fabric Availability & Scheduling) Please allow up to one (1) additional week for transit time to your home. Please also allow up to one (1) additional week for Factory Special Order Fabrics selected from Sunbrella or Outdura.  Although delays are infrequent they can occassionally occur. You will be immediately notified in the event of any delay due to an out of stock or discontinued fabric. Please place your order far enough in advance to allow for minor delays which may occur during peak ordering season from April to July . 
  • I was shopping on the internet for Genuine OW Lee Cushions and found lower price "Generic" replacement cushions that were advertised to "fit" my OW Lee Furniture. What is the difference?

    Be aware of Replacement Cushion Online websites using OW Lee names and images which are designed to misrepresent and trick the consumer into purchasing "Generic” cushions of much lesser quality. Although you may find a lower price "Generic" replacement cushion elsewhere you will never duplicate the expertly tailored quality, performance, and luxurious comfort of Genuine OW Lee Replacement Cushions.
  • I am unsure which OW Lee Outdoor Collection I have. How can I be certain before I place an order for replacement cushions?

    If you are uncertain, please email several pictures of your set to SALES@WICKEREAST.COM and we will be happy to assist you in identifying your OW Lee Collection. 
  • Why are there different Grades and Prices for fabrics?

    Grade A fabrics are the least costly and Grade D fabrics are the most. The price of fabrics is largely determined by the Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills who manufacture them. This process takes into consideration the composition of the material as well as the overall color, size, and complexity of an individual pattern. Unlike a solid color fabric, those with specific patterns may also require significantly more yardage for “centering” during the cutting process. This additional loss of material may translate into a higher "Grade" being assigned to those fabrics.
  • Grade B, C & D Fabrics are more costly than Grade A Fabrics. Does this mean that the higher price fabrics will always outperform a lesser price fabric from the standpoint of wear or fading?

    Not Necessarily. Grade A Fabrics which are Solution Dyed Acrylics such as Sunbrella, will perform equally to Higher Grades of Fabric.
  • Is mildew ever a factor with outdoor cushions and furniture?

    Occasionally. Mildew grows on dirt, pollen or other organic matter which collects on the surface of a material which remains damp and shaded for extended periods of time. This condition is most prevalent on covered or screened porches, as well as fully exposed areas, particularly with northern exposure. Cushions should be kept clean using   Sunbrella® Care & Cleaning Instructions. Keep a close watch for this condition during long periods of overcast and hot humid weather, even if you are currently using outdoor furniture covers. Although excessive sunlight is not recommended, a moderate amount will actually help to curtail this problem.
  • Is it necessary to store my cushions and furniture indoors during the winter season if I already have outdoor covers for my furniture?

    It is recommended that OW Lee Cushions be removed & stored indoors in a dry location during the off season.  We have heard of many instances where critters such as mice and squirrels have completely destroyed cushions when left outside during the cold months.
  • What can I do to extend the lifespan and appearance of my new furniture or replacement cushions?

    Keep your cushions & frames clean using OW Lee Care & Maintenance Instructions. When using these products indoors, use blinds or shades to filter sunlight from windows as well as overhead skylights. When using these products outdoors under a covered porch, the use of outdoor furniture covers is suggested to help shield the cushions and frames from the natural elements as well as dirt and pollen in the air. In a fully exposed situation, Solution Dyed Fabrics and outdoor furniture covers are strongly recommended. When possible, always store your frames and cushions indoors during the off season to help protect and maximize the lifespan of your investment.